Swiss Alps

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The view from the window was one that some people only dream of. Majestic slopes, covered with snow. Fir trees lining the mountains, promising scents and sounds soul lifting, should you choose to walk amongst them.
There was nothing majestic inside the room though. Nothing promising. However elaborate and chic the furnishings, it was still the room inside a psychiatric hospital. Upscale, expensive but still full of misery and despair. Sometimes, but only rarely, patients got a whiff of positivity. Sometimes, someone was well enough to be released. To go back to family, friends, life. Was that someone free of the hauntings of their psyche? Doubtful. They would come back eventually. They always did.
But, as usually happens in the most uncommon and unwelcoming of places, love blossomed inside these walls. He was not one to ever leave. He would stay inside these walls, with that breath taking view forever. She was one that was bound to leave. She was destined to walk the fir forest, looking down and into the windows that held her love hostage. Against all odds, love blossomed. And the days became bearable, the two hiding like children in all nooks and crannies the hospital had to offer. Not much was said during all the hiding. Not much needed to be said. Crazy people always talk with their eyes. Their eyes become the gaping door into their aching, screaming soul. So they talked with their eyes and felt with their touch. No words were necessary.
On this day however, damn you April days, his eyes were gradually dimming since the morning. They were slowly shutting the door to his soul and the light, crazy dancing light, they usually emitted was being replaced by something dark and sinister. Something that made her feel uncomfortable, even a little scared.
“Jean – Joel…” she whispered, reaching out to stroke his arm. He swiped it away, with a look of contempt.
“You are one of them. You are the enemy, you have been sent to kill me” He shouted and stormed away as fast as he could. His pace was awkward, slouched, a hood over his head and his hands deep in the pockets of his jeans.
She had been warned. The doctors and nurses had warned her this would happen. His schizophrenic brain would not be able to cope with the intensity of love. He would spiral into mania. He spiraled into mania. But she was not one to allow this to happen. She would find a way to creep into his mind. She would find a way to enter the labyrinth that is his psyche.
She sat on the floor, folding her legs underneath her. She was going to meditate her way into his mind. Logic said that it can’t be done, but fuck logic. Their hearts managed to beat as one inside this hellish place, their souls manage to entwine. She was going to make it, she was going to travel where no one has gone before, she was going to bring him back. Her beloved, her immortal.
Slow breathing, eyes shut, mind focused on the light of his eyes. Her breathing becomes deeper and deeper, she feels herself sinking into the ground, her body becoming heavy. One with the wooden floor. In her minds eye, she saw a labyrinth forming. She saw it as an eagle, slowly circling above it from a height. In its center, she saw a crouched, grey, small figure. It didn’t look like him, not the him she knew. Not the him with the light in his eyes. But she knew it was him. Her immortal, her beloved. She was afraid of this labyrinth. It was menacing, it seems to whisper dark, untold things to her. She wavers in her resolve. Did she love him enough to save him? Maybe it was best to save herself. It was possible to love again. Outside these walls, somewhere where there was no snow but only sun and warmth? And light in the eyes that gaze upon you and mirth in the voice that dares speak to you? Yes, it was possible. She could love again, someone else, somewhere else. She did not want to though. She wanted to see his light again. Her immortal lover, her beloved.
She decides that fate is such a fickle thing that you cannot afford to play with. Like the eagle she feels herself to be, she swoops down into the labyrinth that is his mind.
Only to find herself in the very beginning of it. She has to battle its entirety to save him. She has to face his inner most demons, his deepest fears, his absolute darkness. “Brace yourself Arianne” she thought. His demons are yours. His darkness is yours. His light is also yours.
She moves forward, her footsteps stealthy but her mind starting to play its usual tricks on her. What was that? The shadow moving in that corner? Slinging back into the blackness? That face that appeared on the grey, cold slate wall? Why does it’s glare follow her, bearing ugly, yellowing teeth? She bears her own back at the menacing face, growling at it from the depths of her throat. She cannot afford to give in to her own fears, she had to get to the center of the maze and save him.
Feeling volatile when standing upright, she started crawling forward, keeping her body as small and inconspicuous as possible. From this height, she could see all the details of the gravel and dirt path. Amongst the darkness, she could make out drops of blood here and there. His blood, the one that flowed when he slit his wrists. A bit further down she saw a guitar pick, a remnant of his primal lust for music. The guitar no longer existed, he set fire to it during a manic phase. A photograph shred showing only his mother’s hair and his father’s eye. Memories best left buried. It hurt to remember the beatings and the belittlement. The further she moved, the more and more remnants of hurt she found. She picked up every single one of them, put them in her mouth and swallowed them. Made them disappear.
But….at that last turn, was the biggest remnant of them all. A pulsing, glowing, emerald blue serpent. It was small, but it was fast and agile. In her crouching position, it barely rose to her chin, glaring at her with sickly yellow eyes. But it darted right and left, from to back with such speed it was as if it constantly disappeared and reappeared. She had no weapon to strike it, to kill this sickness. But, oh, kill it she would. Before it killed her beloved. For this, she knew, was schizophrenia.
She sat still, not moving and not breathing. Minutes passed, many,many minutes. The serpent moved towards her, sniffing her, tasting her. Still she remained. The serpent moved on and on, painfully slow. It wanted to consume her, it wanted to pass on to her the hurt that is schizophrenia. It wanted to consume her. The serpent almost reached her mouth. She braced herself and when it did reach her mouth, she bit down hard on its head, decapitating it.
Every single piece of the serpent she swallowed, every last drop of the poisonous blood. And when she was about to swallow the final piece, she heard footsteps on the gravel. Looking up, she saw him. The light was back in his eyes, illuminating the whole labyrinth that was his mind.

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